Purchase Contract

This for the A to B side of the deal to get a property under contract so you can then wholesale, flip, or other exit strategies.


Sample Contract:

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Purchase Contract

  • The Contract will be emailed here.
  • This is the name of the person who own's the property.
  • This is the address you are putting under contract.
  • Your Business Name that is putting the property under contract. If you don't have a Business put just your name.
  • Your name that will sign the contract for the person putting the property under contract.
  • How much you are putting the property under contract for.
  • The amount you (the Buyer) are putting down as a deposit and will give to the Title Company.
  • This is the time you will give yourself for your Buyers to inspect the property, or for you to do due diligence. You can cancel the contract within this time period for no repercussions. (Check these details with your local Real Estate Attorney).
  • How many days do you want from when the contract is signed, to close on the property. Normal is 30 Days.
  • This is the name of the lawyer's office or title company you will be closing the deal with. They will handle all paperwork and be distributing the funds after closing.
  • Any additional information you or the seller want to be placed in the contract. Ie: Seller wants an additional 30 days after closing to move out. All furnishings and items on the property are included with the property.