Lease Option Contract

This is a short offer form to send to sellers to lock in a lease option that can either turn into a sandwich lease or assigning the lease option. You will need to get both a lease and an option agreement from your closing company in many states to close this.

Sample Contract:

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Lease Option Contract

  • The Contract will be emailed here.
  • You or your company's name.
  • This is the owner of the property you are putting under contract.
  • This is the address you are putting under contract.
  • What you will be charged monthly.
  • The total amount of time your lease will run for.
  • When does the lease begin. Can include a date or something like when tenant occupies property.
  • The date the lease will end.
  • The amount for any damages to the house you assume responsibility for. This is typically passed onto the tenant buyer so you assume no risk.
  • The total price for you buy the property.
  • How long you have to buy the property from the seller. Usually matches the lease terms.
  • Date the option to buy period starts. Typically matches the lease start.
  • Date the option to buy ends. Typically matches the lease ending date.
  • The down payment to the seller for the option to buy the property.
  • The amount of your monthly rent that will reduce the principle owed balance when and if the option to buy is exercised.
  • The date your option will expire if not already closed.
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • If you are a licensed realtor you must disclose that you are to the seller.
  • The state that you are doing the deal in.