Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different than other CRMs?

It’s apples to oranges compared to other solutions. We’re the only platform that gives you a “step-by-step” process. So, it’s actually not a “CRM”…it’s a Lead Conversion System (LCS). It strips away all the complexities and just gives you the essential functionality built to turn your leads into deals.

Simply put, we care about you doing deals and spending LESS time on your computer. InvestorFuse 2.0 functions more like a digital REI lead manager. It’s a process…that guides your team intelligently through every action step. It’s impossible to mess up, and completely customizable to fit your team structure and do more deals with less confusion.

Do you offer support?

140%! One of the best, most caring teams in the business. Our support team is on hand every day, from 9am-5pm EST, to make sure you’re taken care of with real-time live chat INSIDE the app, email, and one-on-one training: Read these reviews from other happy investors

You’ll also have a dedicated Investor Success Manager, who will act as your “coach” to help you get the most from your system, and is on hand if you ever need further training. We’ll never leave you hanging!

Do I need to pay for Podio or other services?

Nope 🙂 InvestorFuse 2.0 is built completely off of Podio, so requires no 3rd party tools. We recommend you use a separate phone system like Callrail. Other than that, we can integrate with every call system and lead source that you may be using.

Since you’re likely generating leads separately…you obviously still need to pay for your marketing/lead generation tools. Remember, InvestorFuse is a Lead CONVERSION System (not a lead generation system).

Does InvestorFuse generate my leads?

No…Remember, InvestorFuse is a Lead CONVERSION System (not a lead generation system). InvestorFuse captures all your inbound leads for you to nurture and pursue. You are responsible for your own marketing efforts. Any lead source you have (websites, phone calls from direct mail, answering service, mojo dialer, Facebook/PPC, bandit signs etc.) can be routed to come into InvestorFuse for you.

Each campaign will be tracked separately so you can measure the results of your marketing efforts.

Need help generating leads? We created a whole training program with the premier experts in the field to help you do this:

The Modern Marketing Masterclass

Does it text blast/email blast?

No. We are not designed as a blast/marketing tool. 2.0 is a Lead Conversion System. You may use prospecting/blast tools to create qualified leads separately, and then send them into InvestorFuse 2.0 to capture, qualify, follow up, pursue, and close.

During the nurture process, you can text and email with your leads like a normal chat thread, but you CANNOT blast all sellers/buyers at once. This way, more of your personal emails and texts will go through, and our servers won’t be marked as “Spam” and affecting all users.

Can I add team members? How many?

Yes, as many as you want! Up to 5 included with membership (additional users are $25 a month). Up to 5 members can each be assigned to specific tasks for their role in your operation. Learn more about user roles and their different access levels inside the system here.

Will you help me switch from my current system?

Yes, we provide support in helping all new members switch. We’ve made it super easy, whether you’re coming from Podio or another CRM. We will connect all of your lead sources (phone systems/websites etc.) into InvestorFuse 2.0 for you, and give you clear instructions for migrating old data over. However, we don’t recommend that moving ALL your leads into 2.0 is actually necessary. Here’s Dan to explain:

Can I control my notifications?

100%! Unlike Podio, now you have complete control over your notifications, so that every time you get one, you know it means business! Learn more about how awesome the notification settings here:

Can I see a demo?

Absolutely! Visit our Features page to see a quick system walkthrough and learn more about the powerful features to help you convert your leads.

Is there a mobile app?

The system is mobile optimized, meaning you can open 2.0 on your mobile browser, and it will look and feel like an “app.” We’ll have an actual iOS/Droid app soon. For now, it works on any device browser:

Which phone system do I need?

Great question! Yes you will need a phone system and we will work with you to ensure that all incoming calls come into your InvestorFuse 2.0 system automatically, and without duplicates 😀 While we support most major call tracking systems, we recommend CallRail. It works quite well with our system and is affordable at $30/mo for 10 tracking numbers.

Do you integrate with Investor Carrot websites?

Absolutely! The tech team will take care of getting all of your leads into the system during your setup. If you’re working with another website service, we’ll work with you and build a way to get your leads in there for you.

Is email and texting included?

Heck yes they are! You can email and text any of your sellers or buyers using followup sequences or by initiating a chat thread from inside the 2.0 system.  No extra charge 😃

The best news…is that email integrates with your Gmail/G-Suite or Office365 email systems…which means that your sellers won’t think you’re using some kinda “tool” to contact them. It’s personalized, looking like it came from your normal email account, and will get much response open rates!

What if I'm in multiple markets?

No problem, you can have different “Market Spaces”…kinda like a separate workspace, for each of your markets. Each Market Space can have a whole separate team if you’d like (to keep things separate). There will be an additional charge of $50/month for every separate Market Space you need, so long as each workspace is tied directly to your business and not separate businesses. Email or chat to Support to get your additional space.

What if we use an answering service? Can they access the system?

Not a problem! You’ll have an InvestorFuse 2.0 Webform link to give your separate answering service rep. They’ll fill it out like a regular online webform, and when they submit it, it will show up as a brand new Opportunity in your system. 

If you have an in-house person answering the phone…just add them as a user inside 2.0 to keep them on track and hold them accountable, so nothing ever slips through the cracks.

Can I be texted when a new lead comes in?

Yup. You can choose to have either an email or text notifying you when a new opportunity is created, you’re assigned an action, a seller texts back in, and a myriad of other situations! You can even choose to have it notify you every time something happens or once a day if you prefer. There’s no excuse now for missing an opportunity coming in. #noleadleftbehind

Can I restrict what some of my team sees? (Like my buyers list)

You can 100% keep any of your team members from being able to access your cash buyers list. Don’t worry about any of them sneaking off with your list. Inside of 2.0 settings, you can adjust user access levels, including access to your buyers list, for every one of your team members.

I'm concerned you guys will have access to my leads...

No need to be concerned. We only access your workspace for support reasons, and you are fully protected by our Privacy Policy and User Agreement.

Do you backup my data?

Yes. Multiple times per day.

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