Confidently convert your leads into deals

The first ever deal closing system for real estate investors with step-by-step simplicity

What is IF3?

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Every IF3 Plan Will Include

Set Due Times on Actions

Filter Actions by Type of Action and Campaign

Tasks let you create any Additional To-Dos outside the core flow

See your Global Actions across all Market Space

Filter Opportunities By Campaign, Motivation, and Labels

Bulk Delete Of Opportunities

Filter Opportunities and Export to Excel

Dynamic Google Maps within the Page

Attach Files to Opportunities

Filter the Activity Log

Create Opportunities Without an Address or Full Seller Info

See Campaigns on the Opportunity List

Ringless Voicemail in Sequences

Edit Sequence Templates After You Create Them

Set Sequence Steps to Go Out at Certain Times

Delete and Duplicate Follow Up Sequences

In-App Calendar for Appointments

Customized Labels/Tags on each Opportunity

Lightning Fast Speed

Change The Seller Associated To An Opportunity

Opportunity Forms Now Autosave... No Save Button


“We love how it’s action based and gives the right task at the right time. This will be a must-have tool for modern real estate teams…”

Scott Bower – HSBC Holdings, InvestThis Podcast

Will this work for you? Our top members all...

Spend at least $500/mo or 5 hours to generate seller leads

There's no point in buying a Lead Conversion System if there's no leads coming in! Think of InvestorFuse as marketing "insurance" to help squeeze every last drop of profit out of your marketing dollars. Common campaigns we integrate with:

  • Direct mail with tracking numbers for each campaign
  • Website leads driven by PPC or FB ads
  • Cold calling using dialer systems
  • Ringless voicemail (replies using a tracking number)
  • Bandit signs or outdoor media with tracking numbers

Have done some deals...

Our top members are all actively doing deals. The system can give you a process, but it's up to you to be a "transaction engineer" and solve the sellers problems. This does require some experience doing real estate transactions.

So if you do not have enough experience yet, we don't recommend using InvestorFuse right away. Our Lead Conversion Masterclass can help you perfect these skills. Then, when you've done some deals and are ready to scale your skills, we'll be ready to help!

Know we don't do text or email blasting

Texting and email blasting can be used with separate tools to help you GENERATE leads. Since we're a Lead Conversion System, we intend to not allow mass texts or emails. Besides, it's more powerful to have thousands personalized of follow up sequences going out to your seller leads, instead of broad stroke email blasts.

This also keeps spam to a minimum, so all our members get high "deliverability" rates (ie. their sellers will get their messages!). If you're looking for a text blast tool, use something like EZTexting. If you're looking for an email blast service, try MailChimp.

Yes, we can integrate with those services (tag a lead to get put on your "seller blast" MailChimp list) if you'd like...but we recommend doing individual follow up sequences per seller.

Know we are not consultants...

We are a product company, not a consultancy. If you're looking for more custom development work (like in the world of Podio), we won't be a great fit.

We will deliver a simple process to help you nurture and close leads, backed by amazing tech support available to you during business hours. Plus, we provide weekly group trainings, and as-needed one-on-ones with a dedicated US-based account rep.

If you're expecting something MORE than that above...we unfortunately won't be a great fit.

Are "bought in" on simplifying and following a process

It's important that when you signup with us, you are committed to simplifying your business. We will give you the best tools and resources you need to scale, but in order for you to have the most success, your team needs to be bought in, and committed right alongside you.

They need to use InvestorFuse daily, and stay on top of completing their Actions. Since everything is tracked inside 2.0, there's no hiding! Complete your actions, and you WILL close more deals and build a bigger follow up pipeline. 

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