Assignment Contract

This contract is used for assigning your rights to buy a property to another buyer.

Sample Contract:

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Assignment Contract

  • The Contract will be emailed here.
  • This is the name of you or your company.
  • The person or company you are assigning your rights to buy the property to.
  • This is the address you are putting under contract.
  • The county of the property you are assigning.
  • The legal description or property id# that you are assigning.
  • The earnest money deposit your buyer will be putting down with your title company to lock in the deal. Should be non-refundable
  • Write out the price the buyer is paying (Sixty Thousand Dollars)
  • The price your buyer is paying for the property ($60,000)
  • The date you will schedule to close the property with your title company.
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY