3 Option Letter of Intent

This 3 Option LOI is great for sending multiple offers to a seller. The 3 offers are for a cash wholesale deal, a sandwich lease, and seller financing. Giving the seller options to choose from will net more deals than just a typical cash offer.

Sample Contract:

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3 Option Letter of Intent

  • The Contract will be emailed here.
  • This is the address you are putting under contract.
  • This is what you would offer for a cash wholesale deal.
  • This is what you will offer for a lease option.
  • This is the option deposit you will make to secure the deal.
  • The amount that will be paid to the seller monthly.
  • The length of time you have to exercise your option. Typically 24-60 months.
  • The price you will offer for seller financing terms.
  • Your down payment for the seller financing option
  • The length of time financed by the owner.
  • What will be paid to the seller each month.